Maximize MIPS CPS to Maximize Reimbursements

  •  MIPS is a point based program comprised of 4 categories

  • 100 possible points for your Composite Performance Score (CPS)

  • The more points you earn, the greater  your reimbursements

2019 MIPS Bubble Chart No Tag.png

There are Significant Financial Implications for Not Maximizing Your MIPS CPS

2019-2021 MIPS Penalties Overview.png

To Maximize MIPS CPS and Medicare Reimbursements, Healthcare Systems Must:


We Have The Solution

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The proprietary software solution that fully automates complete compliance with MIPS to maximize your Medicare reimbursements

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The population health management platform that enables you to improve workflows, support quality initiatives, and optimize your MIPS CPS

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The reporting solution to ensure accurate and on-time submission of quality data to the ACO and the ACI data to CMS

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The fully automated, compliance solution to ensure accurate submission of all eCQMs across the 3 CPC+ groups

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Rod F. from Anesthesia Physicians Group says:

CMS reporting requirements are always changing! Keeping track of what we need to report while trying to deliver quality care is extremely challenging. Since we started working with Health eFilings, we no longer have to worry about what’s changed. They are experts in this area, and their strong focus on customer service ensure we filed on-time, with a submission that was complete and accurate so that we could do what we do best – take care of patients.

CMS Has Accepted 100% of Health eFilings' Client Submissions