Health eFilings is a Data Submission Vendor, Not a Registry

Health eFilings offers the only end-to-end solution to fully automate the CMS compliance process. There are many benefits to using Health eFilings services over a Registry. 



  • The submission satisfies all 3 programs: PQRS, VBM, and MU eCQMs

  • Integration of data from multiple EHRs

  • No data to extract from your EHR

  • No chart abstraction

  • 0/0 Measures can be submitted

  • No MAV or cross cutting measures

For 2016, a Single Submission from Health eFilings Satisfies all 3 Reporting Requirements

Avoid Medicare penalties for not complying or for submitting incorrectly! Ensure complete compliance with PQRS and MU eCQMs and optimize your VBM score. 

In 2017, Health eFilings is a Certified EHR Technology (CEHRT), And Still Not a Registry

Health eFilings offers a full service solution for ALL of MIPS. There are many advantages to using Health eFilings over a registry. 

  • The submission satisfies all MIPS Categories: Quality, ACI, and IA

  • Integration of data from multiple EHRs

  • No data to extract from your EHR

  • No chart abstraction

Health eFilings will Fully Support You with MIPS Compliance

MACRA is the largest change to Medicare in over a decade, streamlining older programs like PQRS and Meaningful Use into one single,  more complex program: MIPS. MIPS looks at provider performance against the backdrop of improved outcomes, lower costs, and the use of technology. To be successful under MACRA you'll need to optimize your score across three categories. 

Our Services


Your complete compliance solution to ensure on time and accurate submission of data for PQRS, VBM, and MU eCQMs. Guaranteed!**

MIPS Accelerator

Your 2017 compliance solution to ensure a smooth transition to MACRA and easy shift to value-based care. 


Your population health management solution to help you achieve your patient engagement and value-based care goals.

CMS has accepted 100% of Health eFilings' Client Submissions

CMS reporting requirements are always changing! Keeping track of what we need to report while trying to deliver quality care is extremely challenging. Since we started working with Health eFilings, we no longer have to worry about what’s changed. They are experts in this area, and their strong focus on customer service ensure we filed on-time, with a submission that was complete and accurate so that we could do what we do best – take care of patients.
— Rod F., Anesthesia Physicians Group

**OUR GUARANTEE: Health eFilings guarantees your PQRS and MIPS quality data will be accurately submitted to CMS by the filing deadline.