Health eFilings Will Fully Support You with MIPS Compliance


The transition from volume to value-based care is a major shift with significant financial implications for health systems and provider groups. With MACRA, clinicians are now paid for the value and quality of care they provide. Up to 30% of your annual Medicare reimbursements is at risk for providers who don’t effectively comply with MIPS, but we have the solution. Health eFilings is a Certified EHR Technology (CEHRT) and is certified in all 55 eCQMs. Our cloud based software seamlessly integrates with any 2014 certified or higher EHR to ensure you successfully transition to the value based care model and your practice meets all CMS reporting requirements and achieves your highest possible CPS.

Benchmarking is Critical with MIPS

Points are earned based on which decile each Quality measure falls into versus your peers, not the absolute percentage of the measure. So, based on CMS benchmarking, a 29% measure score can earn your more MIPS points than a 95% measure score.

Here is an Example Based on Actual CMS Benchmarks:

For CMS 65v6, a 29% performance, as benchmarked versus your peers, puts you in the 9th decile, earning you 9 points. In comparison, a 95% performance for CMS 68v6 only puts you in the 5th decile based on benchmarking, earning you only 5 points. If you were doing this on your own or using a registry, there is a very good chance that you would have submitted CMS 68v6 because normally a 95% is significantly better than a 29%. However, you would have earned less points, hurting your chance to maximize your reimbursements or become bonus eligible.

Benchmarking is Critical Example.png

In comparison, you would have earned the most points by using Health eFilings' MIPS Accelerator:

  • Proprietary algorithm selects your best performing Quality measures based on how you benchmark against your peers

  • It benchmarks your performance using the same database as CMS

  • Our electronic solution earns you one decile bonus for every measure

Deciles Differ By Reporting Method

Deciles for eCQMs and registry measures are different, and the same score results in significantly more points when filing eCQMs with Health eFilings than with registry measures.

eCQM Deciles Result in Significantly More Points than Registry Deciles

In the below example you would earn 57 points using MIPS Accelerator compared to only 37 points using a registry.

Registry vs eCQM deciles.png

Using a Registry Puts You at a Significant Disadvantage

  • The same score for the same measure will earn you significantly less points filing via a Registry compared to filing eCQM’s via Health eFilings

  • Almost half of registry measures don't have a benchmark which means the most points a measure can earn is 3 points, regardless of performance

  • Can't benchmark before selecting and submitting measures

  • Won't earn any bonus points

MIPS Accelerator Does What a Registry Can't

Registry vs MIPS.png

MIPS Accelerator with Tag 9-13-17.png

Key Benefits

  • No software to download and no workflow changes

  • No data entry or chart abstraction

  • No expensive consultants

  • Only service to integrate data across multiple EHRs to create a single, comprehensive patient record

  • Seamless integration with any 2014 certified or higher EHR

Maximize $ Button.png
  • Proprietary algorithm selects your best quality measures as benchmarked versus your peers to maximize your CPS and eligibility for the Exceptional Performance Bonus

  • eCQM deciles result in significantly more points than registry deciles

Fully Comply Button.png
  • Satisfies reporting requirements for three MIPS Categories: Quality, PI, and IA

  • A single, comprehensive electronic file submitted directly to CMS on your behalf

Earn Bonus Points Button.png
  • Use of our service results in the points needed to avoid the MIPS negative payment adjustment

  • CMS awards you a bonus of one decile for every Measure in the Quality category

  • Earn a 10% bonus in the Promoting Interoperability category

  • Automatically satisfies the 4 Activities in the Improvement Activity category, earning you the full 15 points