MIPS Scoring

MIPS is scored across 3 categories, each weighted differently. Your score is based on a 100 point scale, but it’s not quite as simple as it sounds.

What You Need To Know About Each Category


Quality Performance Category – 60%

  • Represents 60% of your overall score
  • Selection of 6 measures including 1 outcome measure or other high priority measure
  • Scoring is more complex than the previous Value Based Payment Modifier
  • There is an increased emphasis on benchmarking against your peers
  • Bonuses can be earned for using high priority measures
  • Certain measures can become topped out if too many people reach 100%
  • MIPS Accelerator extracts this data directly from your EHR, formats, benchmarks and submits your best Quality Data to CMS

MIPS Accelerator will extract data directly from your EHR, automatically selecting and benchmarking measures, which will help maximize your score. AND CMS awards YOU a bonus just for using MIPS Accelerator.

Advancing Care Initiatives – 25%

  • You must satisfy a number of requirements to receive the 100+ points required for full credit.
  • Base Score (50 points) – 5 measures
  • Performance Score (90 points) – 9 measures

MIPS Accelerator does all the work to track and submit this information to CMS on your behalf, satisfying the reporting requirements.

Improvement Activities– 15%

  • Must report on 4 activities out of 92 to earn full 15%
  • IAs must be performed for at least 90 days during the reporting period

MIPS Accelerator automatically satisfies 4 of the 92 activities so you get full credit.

Resource Use – 0%

  • This category is based on claims data submitted directly to CMS
  • Represents 0% of the MIPS composite score, but the information is still collected
  • Similar to the Value Modifier, uses per capita cost measures
  • CMS is looking at overall costs, including costs for clinical episode groups such as COPD and chronic heart failure.