Improving Primary Care In America

Congratulations on being selected to partner with CMS and other practices to participate in CPC+ to improve primary care in America with the expectations of achieving better care, smarter spending and healthier people. At Health eFilings, a Certified EHR Technology (CEHRT), we, too, are fully committed to strengthening primary care, and and we have provided a Global Letter of Support for CPC+ practices in support of the program. 

Reporting Requirements Are A Challenge

Reporting obligations are a critical component to the success of CPC+.  The data needs to be accurate and complete, which can be complicated and time consuming. However, we are here to automate all of this for you so you can stay focused on patients.

CPC+ eCQM 2018.png

CPC+ Reporting Requirements:

  • Must use an ONC Certified Health IT

  • Must report eCQMs annually

  • Must successfully report 9 of the 19 measures across 2 group

  • In order to not lose some or all of your performance-based incentive payments, each eCQM must benchmark in the 7th decile or higher


  • All measures must be reported at the CPC+ practice site level for all patients, i.e., all payers and the uninsured, who were seen one or more times at the practice site location during the performance period by one or more CPC+ clinicians (TIN/NPI) at every location


Because some doctors work in multiple locations, in this example, Doctors A and D must report 3 separate and distinct eCQM sets, while doctors B, C and E must report 2 sets.

Our ONC Certified Software Does All the Work to Ensure You Fully Comply with CPC+ Reporting

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Complete Solution to Ensure Accurate and On-time Submission of eCQMs Across the 2 CPC+ Groups

  • Fully automated: software extracts, aggregates, benchmarks and selects your best performing eCQMs, i.e., those that benchmark in the 7th decile or higher

  • Electronic submission in the required file format is submitted directly to CMS on your behalf

  • No data entry or manual calculations required by you or your staff

  • No consultants needed - our certified software is an end-to-end, turn key solution

Improve Quality Care and Population Health Management With…


Our dynamic data analytics platform extracts quality data directly from your EHR so you can effectively and easily manage quality of care and costs in order to retain your performance based incentive payment

  • Up-to-date tracking of all 19 eCQMs

  • User friendly, customizable dashboard

  • Drilldown from the site location to clinician to patient level for all 19 eCQMs

  • Optimize workflow and patient engagement