5 Things a REGISTRY Doesn’t Want You to Know...

When it comes to MIPS reporting, not all reporting approaches are created equal. EHR? Registry? CEHRT?... they all provide MIPS reporting, so they must all be the same right? NO! There are BIG differences between these MIPS reporting methods and what you don't know, could result in a 7% penalty for all of 2021 Medicare reimbursements not to mention lost bonuses!

In this blog post, we will address the legacy "Registry" MIPS reporting method. A registry makes itself sound like a full service MIPS reporting option, but is it really? You need to understand what a registry, regardless of what type of registry it is, doesn’t tell you:


Work, work, work… registry MIPS reporting is a manual, legacy approach. When using a registry, you are constrained by the amount of quality measure data you can extract, calculate and format, by the number of topped out and by the lack of benchmarks that result in capped scoring (see #4 below).


Almost half of registry measures don’t have benchmarks which means no matter how well you do on that measure, your score (or points earned) will be limited, resulting in few overall points. This combination of factors results in lower MIPS scoring when using a registry to do reporting.


Simply put… points equal penalty avoidance and higher reimbursements. This creates a HUGE challenge for any kind of registry because of the significant limitations in being able to earn points. And keep in mind that the minimum MIPS score required to avoid the 7% penalty DOUBLED in 2019.


For this reason alone, 2019 may be the first time that a registry may not be able to achieve the minimum MIPS points to avoid the penalty (7% deduction on all Medicare Part B reimbursements in 2021). The registry is quickly becoming obsolete. A Certified EHR Technology (CEHRT), is a software solution for reporting and is the best way to avoid low-score penalties and even earn bonuses.


Did you know that using a CEHRT (Health eFilings) will earn you a MIPS scoring bonus? Did you know that Health eFilings does not depend on how many eCQMs are tracked by your EHR? Did you know that Health eFilings will construct over 50 eCQMs using patient data in your EHR and analyze over 9 million combinations of possible measures to identify the best way to maximize your score for your clinicians or practice? Only this approach, using a CEHRT such as Health eFilings, will maximize your MIPS score and earn you bonuses.


Any amount is too much to pay a registry… for what little you get… and more importantly, for what you don’t get.

If you’ve used a registry to do MIPS reporting in the past, we recommend that you evaluate transition to a CEHRT solution… and we can help. Health eFilings’ proprietary software automates all the work so you avoid significant penalties and maximize your reimbursements. Health eFilings is a healthcare IT company based in Madison, Wisconsin. With Health eFilings’ ONC certified software, organizations effectively track and analyze data for population health management initiatives and easily comply with complex CMS programs such as MIPS. For more information or if you have any questions please contact us at team@HealtheFilings.com.